The 2014 Charlie Award.

 Her Majesty Farah Pahlavi has been named the recipient of the 2014 Charlie Award.


The Charlie Award – A drapery filled with knowledge
Since more than seven years, the Campus Symposium has welcomed successful and famous speakers with experiences in the field of culture, economic, and politics in the region of Südwestfalen. Since its premiere in 2005, the Campus Symposiumhas become not only the principal business conference in Germany, but also one of the most outstanding in Europe. In this case, the economic conference may be regarded as a mouthpiece of students. Now is the time to use this mouthpiece in a different way by honoring the special devotion of public figures. By presenting the Charlie Award, students are given the opportunity to select their exemplary personalities.

Vision / Mission
Regarding an old tradition from the 12th or 13th century, journeymen begin their wandering after finishing the apprenticeship. Their constant companion is the Charlie. Charlie is the abbreviation of the Charlottenburger Drapery, in which all personnel belongings are carried. While travelling, the young pilgrim encounters many masters, who forward the most useful knowledge to the wanderer. With every new work experience increases the volume of the drapery, as the content of the Charlie symbolizes the collected knowledge of the journeyman.
The industrial business has a long tradition in the region of Südwestfalen. The region has achieved its high profile and wealth through iron working, manufacturing and forestry. As the handcraft is also a major focus, the journeyman is present in many professional branches.
The connection to the region Südwestfalen and the local enterprises is one of the foundation pillars of the Campus Symposium. In 2005, a student initiative decided to establish a networking platform for companies, high potentials and young academics. Therefore, the Campus Symposium was a connecting link for students and the economy. In the light of this, “A drapery filled with knowledge” can not only be applied for the relationship of masters and journeymen. It can symbolically be used for the connection between entrepreneurs and the student as future managers. The Charlie Award encourages this bond by giving students the opportunity to honor their idols and companions.

Characteristics of the prize winners After a successful finish of their years of study, the students leave their home to explore the world. Many tempting job offers are waiting for them. “The world belongs to the brave” is an old saying. But the reality is different. The world belongs to those, who know how to handle the market forces of the global economy. Of high value is someone who makes huge efforts for great opportunities for future managers by giving insight to the economies’ dynamic and forwarding essential knowledge and experience. However, this on its own is not enough to be a model. It is the values and principles which differentiates them. The devotion to stick to them, courageously accept challenges, inspire others for own projects and remaining loyal to oneself.
The Charlie Award honors exemplary figures of the young generation, who are not only in their profession outstanding, but who are also of great additional value for society.


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