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Ellis Island Medal of Honor Award

Presentation of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor International Humanitarian Award 2023

Her Majesty the Shahbanou of Iran is the 2023 recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor International Humanitarian Award.  The award was presented to Her Majesty the Shahbanou at a reception on May 13, 2023, by the Ellis Island Honors Society Chairman Nasser Kazeminy.  At the presentation of the Medal to Her Majesty Chairman Kazeminy said:

“As a child of Iran, I wanted to personally express my gratitude to Her Majesty for her tireless work on behalf of those less fortunate and her efforts to secure freedom for our people.  Your Majesty is an icon of bravery, leadership, and service, and tonight, we are truly blessed to be in the presence of such greatness and Generosity of spirit.”

Your Majesty, as Chairman of the Ellis Island Honors Society, I’m proud and humbled to present you with the International Humanitarian Award.”
In response, Her Majesty remarked:

“Thank you, Chairman Kazeminy and the distinguished Ellis Island Honor Society.  I am happy to be here with you all and to celebrate our work to better the world.  I am also grateful to the United States of America for being a refuge of democracy and freedom for so many people.  I dedicate this award to the women of Iran who are courageously fighting for equality and freedom from oppression… “Woman Life Freedom”
with the hope that light will overcome darkness.”