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Queen Farah Pahlavi Message To the People of Iran

My beloved sons and daughters,

I have intensely been following your heroic face-off with hope and anxiety, hour by hour, against the forces of darkness and the harrowing savage crackdown. The murder of Mahsa Amini and so many other of my young compatriots is devastating. My compassion and condolences go out to their families. Though heavyhearted, I take strength in seeing Iran back on its feet and rising up against ferocious forces. Our youth yearn and deserve to live in the era in which they are born, and I proudly salute their bravery, sacrifice and struggle for freedom and equality.  As a mother, I call upon all factions of the security forces, the Army, the Pasdaran, the Basiji, the plainclothes and others, whatever their conviction may be, to refrain from further bloodshed of their young compatriots.
Light will prevail upon darkness.