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We thank you for the outpouring messages

We wish to advise our friends and compatriots, during these difficult days, we will remain in contact with you through our Official Website of Reza Pahlavi & the Official Website of Farah Pahlavi.

You may from time to time hear of announcements, individuals or organizations purporting to speak for our family or for our dear Alireza.  We ask you to disregard these pronouncements.  As always, we have chosen to speak with our compatriots, our friends, our greater family of Iranians directly and not through intermediaries.

Please refer to the Official Website of Farah Pahlavi ( ) or the Official Website of Reza Pahlavi ( ) for the latest, accurate information.

We thank you again for the tremendous and touching outpouring messages of love and condolences.  We have received them and each and every one has lifted us up

Farah Pahlavi & Reza Pahlavi