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Farah Pahlavi Was Awarded the FAO Rome Medal

22K Y GOLD FARAH PAHLAVI FAO CERES ROME MEDAL (The Ceres Medal – named after the Roman goddess of agriculture)  1976-1977, Ceres & Agricola. Sculpted by Sergio Giandomenico, a leading Italian medallist-engraver, and struck by the Gori & Zucchi Mint, Arezzo, Italy.

Concerned with the development of her country and the improvement of the living conditions of her people, Farah Pahlavi devoted much of her time and energy to working on plans for social, educational, and cultural reform.

On the portrait side of this FAO medal, Farah Pahlavi of Iran is shown wearing jewels made from ears of wheat, symbolic of the goddess Ceres whom she represents. The medal reverse features a rose motif from a Persian carpet and the inscription: “Who Works the Soil Sings Nature’s Legend” (“Roosta’ee hamas-e afarin tabi-at ast” (Farsi), calling attention to the Shahbanou’s interest in promoting rural handicrafts and developing the land for agriculture.