Iranian people can bring change

CAIRO – 2 January 2018: “Iranian people have the unwavering ability to bring about the desired change,” Iran’s former Empress Farah Deba said in press statements to Youm7 on Monday.

Diba also added that more than 70 cities and about 22 provinces joined the protest movement in Iran that has been ongoing for more than seven days now. “The Iranians have endured 39 years of corruption and brutality under an oppressive regime and their patience had run out; they are willing to make a move.”

In previous statements to Youm7 on July 30 after the death anniversary of her husband Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who passed away on July 27, 1980, Diba said that she staunchly believes in the awareness of the young Iranian people who have regularly been facing difficult circumstances under the current regime, including falling living standards, high rates of poverty, murder and torture.

She further called on them to not give up their rights and to gradually win them back.

On January 16, 1979, the Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi left Tehran after being overthrown by the Iranian Islamic Revolution. The airplane carrying Shah Pahlavi and his family, including his wife Empress Farah Diba, took off from Tehran Airport and headed to Aswan International Airport in southern Egypt, where they were received by the late President Mohammed Anwar Sadat, and his wife Jehan Sadat.

By: Mohammed Mohsen Abo El-Nour