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آخرین اراده
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قاهره امرداد ۱۳۵۹

  Alireza Pahlavi Foundation

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi
Women's Day speech

Remembrance  of the Imperial Armed Forces of Iran VIDEO

Interviews with
Charlie Rose

Video At the 1969


Art-Visionary: Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi

Pre-1979 Videos
Shah & Farah & France

Une Journée au Palais de Niavaran 1978 VIDEO

National Anthem Soroude Shahanshahi

سالگرد درگذشت شاهنشاه
 محمد رضا پهلوی

Farah Pahlavi: BeYad Dari?


Full Film

Inauguration of
Steel Industry
by Shah and

Farah Pahlavi at Fes Sacred Music Festival
Le Festival de FES details

Empress at Béjart 80th Birthday  NEW

An Evening with Googoosh NEW

Queen of Hearts
by Marjan

Family Links:

Nowrooz 1385 Family Photo

And another photo I took

HIM the Shah

The Shah's hopes for Iran

In fond Remembrance of Princess Leila June 10, 2006

Leila Pahlavi

Leila's Photo

Words on Princess Leila's bitrhday

Reza Pahlavi

Farahnaz Pahlavi

Ali-Reza Pahlavi

Yasmine Pahlavi

Children of Iran Foundation
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This new site should be easier to navigate than the previous one. However you can still visit all my previous years sites. See menu at left

Welcome to the 2009-2014
 Official Site of
 Empress Farah Pahlavi

I wish to express my gratitude to the many compatriots and readers in Iran and throughout the world who have sent letters, e-mails and photographs

جستجو در مطالب


June 15, 2014

HM Farah Pahlavi message on the passing of Houshang Seyhoun (click here to view).


March 26, 2014




MARCH 26, 2014

By invitation of the Librarian of Congress, the Honorable Dr. James H. Billington, Her Majesty Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi attended the opening reception for the exhibition of “A Thousand Years of the Persian Book” at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. on March 26, 2014.

To mark the occasion, Her Imperial Majesty’s gift to the Library of Congress consisting of an aerial photo “Tomb of Cyrus the Great” by the renowned Georg Gerster was presented to the Honorable Dr. James Billington.

Dr. Billington praised Her Majesty’s services to art, culture and social works in Iran, and thanked Her Majesty on behalf of the Library of Congress.

Her Majesty Farah Pahlavi presenting Dr. James H. Billington, the Librarian of Congress, with an aerial photograph titled "Tomb of Cyrus the Great"
From Right: Mary-Jane Deeb, Ph.D.
Chief, African and Middle Eastern Division; Dr. James H. Billington, the Librarian of Congress; HM Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi; Congressman John Mica of Florida


March 11, 2014

Her Majesty has been named the recipient of the 2014 Charlie Award.

Event Press Release (in Persian) can be found here (pdf). Photos courtesy of Andreas Keuchel.

Award information can be found here (pdf).


HM Farah Pahlavi and Prof. Dietrich Walther (University President)


HM Farah Pahlavi and Dr. Sirgud Pütter


Her Majesty Farah Pahlavi has noticed that several Internet profiles have been created in her name on social networking websites such as Facebook, Orkut, MySpace and others.
Her Majesty Farah Pahlavi has only one official website www.farahpahlavi.org
that posts all her interviews and other relevant topics.
Her Private Secretariat manages this site. 
Thank you for your constant support, loyalty and interest.
The Private Secretariat of H.I.M. Empress Farah Pahlavi


برای آگاهی‌ هم میهنان   

بهمن ۱۳۹۲ - فوریه ۲۰۱۴


پیام شهبانو فرح پهلوی به مناسبت نوروز
Empress Nowrouz 2014 -Message - Photos and more.

با اندوه بسیار از درگذشت شادروان دکتر عبدالمجید مجیدی آگاه شدم
In Memoriam Dr.  Abdol Madjid Madjidi (1929-2014)
 شهبانو فرح پهلوی:
اختصاصی کیهان آنلاین فاجعه انقلاب اسلامی ‌در برابر خدمات پادشاهان
Achievements and Progress during the reign of the Pahlavi Kings
by Empress Farah Pahlavi


Empress Farah Pahlavi in "Interview Magazine"
January  2014

Click this link to open the Empress Message
پیام شهبانو فرح پهلوی در گردهم آیی ایرانیان در آلمان به مناسبت سالروز درگذشت شاهپور علیرضا پهلوی و والاگهر شهریار شفیق و دیگر جانباختگان راه آزدی − ژانویه ۲۰۱۴
Empress Farah Pahlavi conveys her deep gratitude for all the kind messages of sympathy received in memory of the loss of her beloved son, Prince Alireza Pahlavi.

H.I.M. Empress Farah Pahlavi exclusive interview
 with Point De Vue (Paris) on her 75th Birthday


پیام شهبانو فرح پهلوی به مناسبت زاد روز
 اعلیحضرت محمد رضا شاه 
پادشاه فقید

Audio message in Persian of H.I.M. Empress Farah Pahlavi
On the occasion of the birthday of
H.I.M. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Shahanshah of Iran

October 26, 2013 - 
 چهارم آبان ۱۳۹۲

بیانیه شهبانو فرح پهلوی بمناسبت سالروز تولد PDF
 ۱۳۹۲ -- ۲۲ مهر  - October 14, 2013 -

My gratitude for the mails received on my birthday
October 14, 2013  PDF
H. I. M. Farah Pahlavi at " IRAN MODERN "
Asia Society - New York September 9, 2013

Editions de L'art
 un article de Silvia Valensi - juin-juillet 2013

تسلیت شهبانو فرح پهلوی به مناسبت درگذشت والاحضرت فوزیه
July 2, 2013 - PDF


قدردانی شهبانو فرح پهلوی از شرکت کنندگان در مراسم
سالگرد شاهدخت لیلا پهلوی
Paris June 13, 2013
مراسم سالگرد شاهدخت لیلا پهلویvideo


Upon the invitation of Mr. Claude Goasguen, Paris 16th district Mayor,
Empress Farah Pahlavi plants a pomegranate tree in memory of Iranian children
killed in tragic circumstances. Paris June 13, 2013

بیانات شهبانو فرح پهلوی در مراسم یادبود و بزرگداشت جوانان ایرانی‌ 
که در شرایط فجیع جان خود را از دست داده اند


Empress Farah Pahlavi attends the
Venice Biennale 2013 - June 29 2013


S.M.I Farah Pahlavi au salon international d'art
Art Monaco 13 - Forum Grimaldi

H.I.M. Empress Farah Pahlavi at the international art fair
Art Monaco '13 and the the auction held to benefit the Foundation of Prince Alireza Pahlavi

April 25, 2013

پیام شهبانو فرح پهلوی به مناسبت وقوع زلزله درسیستان و بلوچستان
۲۷ فروردین ۱۳۹۲


Empress Farah Pahlavi and H.I.H. Reza Pahlavi
 visit the
"Cyrus Cylinder"
displayed at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery-Washington DC

بازدید استوانه کوروش


پیام شهبانو فرح پهلوی به مناسبت نوروز۱۳۹۲
Empress Nowrouz Message - Photos - Video


مصاحبه یک رسانه سوئدی (مجله پادشاهی) با شهبانو فرح پهلوی

at the première of the movie "Syngué Sabour" in Paris February 4, 2013


Anchor Mike Walter of CCTV America's interview with Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran

پانزدهم ژانویه سال 2013 میلادی
نوشته: فرنوش رام

26  سالروز رفتن محمد رضاشاه پهلوی از ایران در اوج فتنه سیاه
دی، سال 1357
خاطرات ملکه فرح پهلوی از آن روز


پیام شهبانو فرح پهلوی بمناسبت مراسم یادبود والاحضرت شاهپور علیرضا پهلوی
 و والاگهر شهریار شفیق ، بن آلمان ۱۶ دیماه ۱۳۹۱
January 4, 2013

Empress at Sackler Gallery’s 25th anniversary gala
Washington Post December 2, 2012


Click the link below to see a souvenir video of:
Empress Farah Pahlavi of Iran
with President Pompidou of France - Paris 1971


شنبه 22 سپتامبر 2012 - 01 مهر 1391 BBC
 BBC اول مهر؛ خاطراتی ازشهبانو فرح پهلوی،

مدرسه رفتنش را از "خوش ترین خاطرات" زندگی خود، توصیف می کند.

بیانیه شهبانو فرح پهلوی
اوت ۱۹ ، ۲۰۱۲  
- ۲۹ مرداد ماه، ۱۳۹۱

پیام شهبانو فرح پهلوی به مناسبت زلزله درآذربایجان شرقی
۲۳ مرداد ۱۳۹۱- ۱۲ اوت، ۲۰۱۲
پیام تسلیت شهبانو فرح پهلوی به مناسبت درگذشت گور ویدال
Empress Farah Pahlavi - In Memory of Gore Vidal
August 4, 2012
Empress Farah Pahlavi Interview on assembling
 Tehran's art collection
The Guardian UK

سپاس شهبانو فرح پهلوی از شرکت کنندگان در مراسم سالگرد شاهدخت لیلا پهلوی
پاریس ۹ ژوئن، ۲۰۱۲

اطلاعیه شهبانو فرح پهلوی در ارتباط با
پرده نقاشی جکسن پولاک
 ژ ۹ ژوئن ، ۲۰۱۲  

Sa Majesté l'Impératrice Farah Pahlavi
au concert de solidarité de la Fondation Chirac
Paris 9 Mai 2012


پیام  شهبانو فرح پهلوی بمناسبت نوروز ۱۳۹۱
Empress Nowrouz Message - Photos - Video


تبریک شهبانو به آقای اصغر فرهادی و همکارانش به مناسبت
 اخذ جایزه اسکار برای  فیلم  «جدایی نادر از سیمین»
 سال  ۲۰۱۲

مصاحبه شهبانو فرح پهلوی با ایرج ادیب‌زاده - رادیو زمانه
, 11/09/1390 January 30, 2012

Empress Farah Pahlavi interview with Alireza Meybodi
January 10,2012
Empress Farah Pahlavi Interview:
گفت‌وگو با شهبانو فرح پهلوی درباره بورس تحصیلی علیرضا پهلوی در بخش ایران‌شناسی هاروارد 

In Remembrance of my Beloved Son Alireza
به یاد فرزند عزیزم علیرضا


Reza Pahlavi latest Interviews

 Alireza Pahlavi Foundation

- PDV 17-Nov -2011

ایریانا  دختر علیرضای عزیزمان

رادیو فردا − منشور کوروش بزرگ

To watch the video Click below Persian writings in Red

برنامه  " هرگز نخواب کوروش" مستندی یک ساعته است در مورد جشن‌های ۲۵۰۰ ساله که در روز "کوروش بزرگ" از شبکه ی من و تو

چهارم آبان خجسته زادروز شاهنشاه آریامهر
October 26, 2011 click link below:
In Memory of my Beloved Husband
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Shahanshah of Iran

Statement of H.I.M. Empress Farah Pahlavi
At the Remembrance Ceremonies of
Iranian Painter Nasser Assar
Paris - September, 26 2011


 "Sound The Trumpets, Beat The Drums"
with comments by H.I.M. Empress Farah Pahlavi

جهانبخش پازوکی
Empress Farah Pahlavi Statement in praise
of Iranian song writer and poet
Jahanbakhsh Pazooki
Los Angeles - September 15, 2011


شهبانو فرح پهلوی 1
درباره زنده نام ناصر عصار

Peyke Farhang - Radio Farda - August 14, 2011
  نقاش فقید ایرانی، ناصر عصار، با شهبانو فرح پهلوی 2

گفت و گو با شهبانو فرح پهلوی در باره BBC Persian
 شاپور بختیار و آخرین ماه های نظام پادشاهی

Click to see BBC TRANSCRIPT of Interview
August 10, 2011

Listen to the audio message of H.I.M. Farah Pahlavi
in Remembrance of the Shahanshah of Iran

پیام شهبانو فرح پهلوی به مناسبت سالگرد درگذشت اعلیحضرت PDF

محمد رضا شاه پهلوی

  ۵، امرداد، ۱۳۹۰- ۲۷ ژویئه، ۲۰۱۱

دفتر مخصوص شهبانو فرح پهلوی در باره سفر به مصر

H.I.M. Empress Farah Pahlavi at Monaco's Prince Albert's Wedding
July 2, 2011

شـهبانــو فــرح پهلـــوي در جشن ازدواج پرنس آلبرت

I am pleased to inform my dear compatriots that my grand-daughter Iman has graduated this past week

ایمان عزیز هفتۀ گذشته از دبیرستان  مریلند فارغ التحصیل شد 

 سپاس شهبانو فرح پهلوی از شرکت کنند گان در مراسم دهمین سالگرد
درگذشت شاهدخت لیلا پهلوی،
۲۱ خرداد ماه، ۱۳۹۰


June 10, 2011 - In Fond Remembrance of 
dear Princess Leila Pahlavi - March 27, 1970 - June 10, 2001

سالگرد دوری از والاحضرت شاهدخت لیلای عزیزمان

The Independent, UK - April 5, 2011
"Paradise Lost" Persia from Above re-visited

Empress Farah Pahlavi Interview with Ms.Sara Dehghan VOA on Centers for Intellectual Development of Young Children and Adolescents in Iran - April 3, 2011
شهبانو فرح پهلوی در گفتگوی تلفنی با سارا دهقان در مورد فعالیتهای کانون پرورش فکری کودکان ونوجوانان ایران و میراثی که برای چندین نسل به جا گذاشت توضیح می دهد

پیام شهبانو فرح پهلوی به مناسبت نوروز ۱۳۹۰
Empress Farah Pahlavi Nowrouz 2011 Message
March 21, 2011
مراسم یادبود شاهپور علیرضا پهلوی در پاریس

بیانات شهبانو فرح پهلوی در مراسم پاریس PDF

گفتگوی شهبانو فرح پهلوی با مسعود صدر

Prince Alireza Pahlavi Memorial in Paris
Click here to see Full Video from CYRUSNEWS

مراسم یادبود شاهپور علیرضا پهلوی در پاریس

اطلاعیه دفتر مخصوص شهبانو فرح پهلوی
مراسم یادبود شاهپور علیرضا پهلوی در پاریس
Memorial of Prince Alireza Pahlavi
Paris - February 19, 2011


مراسم یادبود علیرضا پهلوی در واشینگتن


سخنان شهبانو در مراسم یادبود شاهپورعلیرضا پهلوی PDF
January 23, 2011

VIDEO of Empress Farah Pahlavi speech

See photos of the Ceremony on BBC
See Photos on VOA

تشکر از محبت بی کران همیهنان عزیز
Profonds Remerciements - Sincere Gratitude
From Empress Farah Pahlavi
- Jan. 16, 2011

Press Release from the Private Secretariat of
H.I.M. Empress Farah Pahlavi
اطلاعیه دفتر شهبانو فرح پهلوی
۲۶دیماه ۱۳۸۹ − ۱۶ ژانویه ۲۰۱۱


Memorial Ceremony For Shahpour Alireza Pahlavi
مراسم یادبود شاهپور علیرضا پهلوی


 Alireza Pahlavi Official Facebook Page

با کمال تاسف و اندوهی جانگداز درگذشت
 شاهپورعلیرضا پهلوی را

 به آگاهی هم میهنانمان می رسانیم

چهاردهم دی ماه ۱۳۸۹
it is with immense grief that we inform our compatriots of the passing away of Prince Alireza Pahlavi January 4, 2011

Empress Farah Pahlavi
letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations
concerning Iranian film director Jafar Panahi

December 2010

Canvas Magazine Nov-December 2010
Empress Farah Pahlavi remembers
Iranian Artist Bahman Mohasses PDF

سى سال پس از درگذشت آخرين شاه ايران؛ مصاحبه با فرح پهلوى
Click link in Persian to open Radio Farda text and audio interview
with Empress Farah Pahlavi - December 4, 2010
H. I. M. Empress Farah Pahlavi attending the Sothebys London launch of Art & Patronage- Nov. 2010

Empress Farah Pahlavi - BBC4 Video
Speaks about Persian Arts - Nov. 30, 2010


روزشمار زندگی سیاسی و اجتماعی
  علیاحضرت شهبانو ‫فرح پهلوی
آبان ۱۳۳۹ − اسفند ۱۳۵۵
My Agenda page from 1959 to 1977


H. I. M. Farah Pahlavi at an exhibition of recent works
by realist painter, Claudio Bravo, at Marlborough Gallery
New York, Chelsea - October 21, 2010


  زادروز شهبانوفرح پهلوي مادرایران زمین
I wish to express my gratitude to the many compatriots and readers in Iran and throughout the world who have sent letters, videos and material on the occasion of my birthday.

Below is a video sent by one of them:


on preventing the stoning of Ms. Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani - August 31, 2010


Empress Farah Pahlavi at the wedding of Prince Nikolaos of Greece - Aug. 25, 2010.

Empress Farah Pahlavi
  Interview in Point de Vue Magazine - August, 2010


بـزرگداشت سي امين سالگرد شـاهنشـاه آريـامهـر

Click here to read and listen to Her Majesty's remarks
at the 30th Anniversary Ceremonies in Cairo
in Honor of the late Shahanshah of Iran



Click here to open above letter from Iran PDF

 - جناب مهدی سمیعی 
In Memory of H.E. Mr. Mehdi Samiy Aug. 1, 2010

NEW 30 Years of Exile Radio Farda Interview with the Empress - July 27, 2010 - Persian Text and Audio

    شهبانوي ايران در بزرگداشت شجاع الدين شفا
 Click here for photos and Videos - Paris July 13, 2010
Empress at Ceremonies honoring the late Dr. Shafa


Our State visit to Australia in 1974
and the little pine tree I planted then.
See the photos of the tree in 2010 and videos of our trip.


My grand-daughter Princess Noor
graduation from high school - June 10, 2010

A Benefit for the Foundation for the Children of Iran
April 22, 2010


سال دوری از والاحضرت لیلا پهلوی عزیز و
 تشکر از هم میهنان گرامی


  Nowrouz 1389-2010
Empress and Family Photos


پیام نوروزی ۱۳۸۹

شهبانو فرح پهلوی


Empress Farah Pahlavi at Bochum, Germany
 Der Steiger Award 2010
March 13, 2010


Her Majesty Empress Farah Pahlavi at the London Gerster Exhibition March 11, 2010

Press Release - Office of Her Majesty Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi
on the Empress visiting Cairo for the publishing of her book in Arabic -March 4-8, 2010 - See text, Videos and photos


اطلاعیه دفتر شهبانو فرح پهلوی درباره مسافرت ایشان به قاهره PDF

Empress Farah Pahlavi speaks about
the film "The Queen and I "

Letter by Her Majesty Farah Pahlavi to Aarhus University Denmark Regarding The 2009 Global Dialogue Prize
January 18, 2010

Her Majesty attended the photography exhibition “Iran 1979-2009: Between Hope and Chaos”
At Monnaie de Paris - Jan. 13, 2010

  گفتگوي شهبانو فرح پهلوي با صداي امريکا
Empress Farah Pahlavi Interview VOA January 10, 2010

With thanks to "ParsDailyNews" for the links


Canvas Magazine - Her Majesty Farah Pahlavi
The Queen of Culture - January- Feb. 2010

POINT DE VUE - PARIS Dec. 23, 2009
Exclusive interview with Empress Farah Pahlavi
Fifty years after her legendary marriage, she is the heroine of the film "The Queen and I" opening in Paris


پیام شهبانو فرح پهلوی

بمناسبت ۱۷ دی ماه، روز آزادی زنان ایران


پیام  شهبانو فرح پهلوی

در ارتباط با وقایع روز ۶ دیماه، ۱۳۸۸


Empress Farah Pahlavi Interview with
Majesty Magazine - London December 2009

Empress Farah Pahlavi visits the site of the Fréjus Dam Catastrophe in France on its 50th Anniversary
December 2, 2009


Empress Farah Pahlavi at the "Veiled Revelations" opening of Ms. Azadeh Ghotbi Show - Oct. 2009, NYC.

H.M. Empress Farah Pahlavi at the National Cathedral
Washington D.C October 18, 2009

Her Majesty "Shahbanou Pahlavi" interviewed
 by KRSI's Alireza Meibody

Listen to the latest interview of Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi. Date of interview 10/26/2009 or 4th of Aban - (Birthday of his late Majesty Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi)
or download below
مصاحبه شهبانو فرح پهلوی با راديو صدای ايران

Empress Interview with KRSI - October 26, 2009

Empress Farah Pahlavi and Award Winning Actress and human rights Mary Apick at the presentation of the Critic's choice play "Beneath The Veil" at the John F. Kennedy Center for the performing Arts in Washington DC on Oct 8th 2009



Empress at the exhibition of Ms. Parto Dehlavi
Paris - September 18, 2009


1-Avenue Magazine September 2009


Tehran Museum the Censored Collection
Of Empress Farah Pahlavi
No. 17 - September 2009


Empress Farah Pahlavi visits
Al-Azhar Park in Cairo - July 2009

Photos and VIDEO of H.I.M. the Empress in Cairo
 July 27,2009

پیام علیاحضرت شهبانو فرح پهلوی را به مناسبت سالگرد درگذشت اعلیحضرتPDF محمدرضا شاه پهلوی شاهنشاه آریامهر

Voice Message of Her Majesty Farah Pahlavi
 July 27, 2009-Cairo





سالگرد دوری از والاحضرت شاهدخت لیلای عزیزمان
In Memory of Princess Leila Pahlavi
Paris June 13, 2009


Empress Interview with Radio Farda
June 1, 2009


مصاحبه شهبانو فرح پهلوی BBC

H.M. Empress Farah Pahlavi Celebrated
Georg Gerster’s Photographs from

Paradise Lost: Persia from Above at:
Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller Gallery,

Saturday, April 4th 2009 New York


پيام شهبانو فرح پهلوی بمناسبت نوروز ۱۳۸۸

پيام شهبانو فرح پهلوی بمناسبت روز زن


Le FIGARO Paris - Feb. 20, 2009
En mémoire du Chah d'Iran, Farah Pahlavi sort du silence
article et Video - Links thanks to DK


A l’occasion du trentième anniversaire de l’exil du couple Impérial Iranien, Frédéric Mitterrand recueille les confidences de l’impératrice Farah Diba dans un documentaire de 75 minutes.
The Full France 3 TV documentary on Empress Farah Pahlavi
will be aired on France 3 TV February 21 at 21.45 pm Paris time


خداوندا بباران ابر رحمت
خانم مير افشار − مجله پيام

'Light Will Win Over Darkness' -Empress Discusses New Film Documentary with Radio Free Europe - Feb. 8, 2009
لينک صدا − شهبانو با رادیو فردا

Reza Pahlavi new book "L’heure du choix" with
also a preview of Frederic Mitterand interview with Empress



مصاحبه تلویزیون دولتی آلمان با شهبانو فرح پهلوی
Empress Farah Pahlavi Interview German TV
Monday January 26, 2009


BUNTE Interview mit Ihrer Majestät Farah Pahlavi
مصاحبه شهبانو فرح پهلوی با مجله بونته −آلمان

January 8, 2009

Nahid Persson Sarvestani film "The Queen and I"
at Sundance Film Festival

'Light Will Win Over Darkness' -Empress Discusses New Documentary with Radio Free Europe - Feb. 8, 2009

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شورشی و شهبانو - فیلمی با شرکت فرح پهلوی BBC

Farah Pahlavi: Mother's Day in the Iran of yore video
فيلم از روز مادر در ایران گذشته

آيا می دانستيد؟

A few facts about women in Iran

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In Iran, before the advent of Reza Shah Pahlavi (1925-1941), women had few rights and their participation in daily life was rather limited. As Empress of Iran, Farah Pahlavi made it her mission to be the ideal wife, mother and a devoted consort who faithfully performed her royal duties. Thus she proved that women could simultaneously have careers and be homemakers. The great success she had in improving the status of women benefited the majority of Iranian women. Her purpose was to give them confidence and courage, in order to raise themselves above and out of their exclusion. Though she was the First Lady of the country, she considered her "importance to be measured only by the practical effect of what I accomplished for the improvement of our people." She said: "It was hard to forget that, as a woman, my position was a delicate one. We were in a country where tradition was strong, in which many men could not not yet accept unreservedly the same freedoms for women which they considered perfectly natural for themselves."

Empress Farah was considered by many to be the representative of female emancipation in Iran, and worked hard to fulfill that objective. In a recent interview she said: "My strength, the power I wielded was, in one way or another, passed on to all Iranian women. During our time my Iranian sisters, formerly regarded as second class citizens, without the right to be heard, became more vocal and aware of their rights." The fact that the King had granted them political and social rights including universal suffrage paved the way for a great social change. There was some resistance to this, especially from the religious establishment and its implementation varied from region to region. It was in this sphere, above all, that she used every means at her disposal to encourage change. Farah Pahlavi stresses that "although Iranian women have suffered many injustices, they have always managed to preserve their strength of character. Even if only indirectly, throughout history they have been influential behind the scenes." This can best be seen through their demeanor. People who have been humiliated and oppressed do not stand upright. "To me, the evolution of Iran was measurable by the manner in which people carried themselves. During my husband’s reign people regained their national pride and walked with their heads held high. For me, that was the barometer of change and development."’
"I tried hard to support my husband in achieving his dreams and vision for Iran. There were so many objectives yet to attain and so many unfinished projects, but tragically we were not given the time. See video at the end of this page. Today, I look forward to the moment when I shall truly be at peace in this long, painful exile. To achieve that requires much strength and effort. The journey is not an easy one and it needs optimism and hope."

She concludes: "Amidst renewed sufferings, our people continue the long and arduous struggle for freedom, and my earnest wish is that they will succeed in bringing forth a democratic Iran based upon her rich heritage, culture and tradition. To them, and to all my compatriots, I dedicate this site.

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